Tiny drops…….


It all does feel overwhelming sometimes doesn’t it? Sometimes you think ‘how do I even begin to tackle the myriad of issues that I see and want to do something about everyday’?I know I do! What can little me do to even crack a dent in what seems to be the never ending problems that are part of this fallen world that we live in. The easy solution seems to be to just throw in the towel and say ‘ Do you boo'( I think that’s a saying isn’t it?) and just watch out for ‘No 1’ isn’t it? ( again another saying that means watch out for yourself)

But what if I told you that we were not placed on this earth to just ‘do you’ ? Now don’t get me wrong, I like and get ‘doing you’ . It actually saves us a lot of heartache and anguish. It means you can go through the world thinking about yourself and it’s less messy, less complicated & invariably less problematic.

Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely believe in ‘doing you’ . I was raised by a non conformist father who had been ‘doing himself’ before ‘doing you’ became a thing. My mum also though not as non conformist also has the ‘streak’.To put it in context, me and my sister both had big 11th birthday parties and not 10 as most children do. There was no money when we were both 10 and the thinking and rationale was ‘ what rule book says you can only celebrate 10 year old birthday parties’ . When I got married, the ‘ IN’ thing for Nigerian couples at the time was to wear the same as aso oke outfit . Me and my mum decided ”na’ it’s so uncomfortable, it’s such a waste of money as you never wear it again and so me and my husband wore entirely different lace materials at our traditional wedding.

Just so you know how I was determined to wear it again ,I made a top from the lace i wore on my traditional wedding and I am still rocking 11 years after ,I might even wear to church tomorrow .

See pictured below. All my life I have never been one to follow trends so I actually believe in ‘doing you’ And that is being and owning who you are . Daring to be different and not following the crowd. I am getting better at this and love the freedom that comes from this because I believe we are all uniquely created for a PURPOSE. And that my friends is where I come to my point about life not being about just doing ‘US’

My faith is an integral part of who I am and my belief is that being a Christian is not just about being saved and then not just going to hell.Its also about being transformed and being more like Jesus to reflect His glory on earth and also draw men unto Him . Its not a merely transactional relationship where it’s ‘ do ( or even don’t do )and then get’ like some religious folks would want us to believe.

It’s Easter and so I have been reflecting on the life and ministry of Jesus before his death.Throughout his life and ministry everyone who had an encounter with Jesus was either transformed,renewed or comforted (and in some cases all 3).For some it was physical or emotional healing,for some it was insight,for some it was validation,for some knowledge,for some it was admonition,for some it was validation,for some compassion,in short you always left Him with some value added to you. And for some people,they might not have necessarily noticed or understood that value at the very encounter eg Martha who he admonished to worry about the most essential things, but I am sure those insights would have come to play at some points in her later life .He was also about community as can be seen some from the relationship he had with his disciples and so many of his followers. He was Jesus and I am sure could have done well by just being Him and not relating with ‘mere mortals’ but he didn’t. He also deeply cared for those who society might not have necessarily remembered.

That example is who i aspire to be in my own little way. The title of this blog post ‘Little drops’ indicates the ‘how’ I want to go about it.The enormity of being like Jesus as generally being someone who ‘does for others’ can be overwhelming. I mean he literarily sacrificed himself .Thats BIG.. and to be realistic one that we might not be able to do.Which is why I am asking us to start by cutting it into little chunks . I am asking us to just ‘DO IT’ even if it looks small or tiny or inconsequential.

Like Jesus,I want most of the encounters I have with people daily to leave them feeling a little bit better than when I met them. To make my own little corner of the world a bit more bearable for those around me.And to keep doing it consistently. Have you ever had a leak? Sometimes it’s just a tiny drip isn’t it? Just drip,drop,drip,drop. Barely anything initially.Put a bucket beneath it and then that tiny drip drop over a long period and before you know it that bucket is overflowing. And then you have 10 buckets filled to the bream from what was initially just drops.

That’s how I choose to see how we can go through life being that person who wants to be the person who also ‘does’ for others. People often think of giving in material terms only but it transcends that. Even giving someone a compliment is all part of giving some sort of light to someone’s day. Then imagine that drip drop from me,from you,from all of us consistently on a daily basis? We might not erase ALL wrongs but we can erase some little wrongs.And even if we don’t, we can take just be content with having improved the life of another even if just slightly.

So, share that template with your colleague,you just saved them 10-15 mins. Smile at that barista and say thank you when your coffee is ready.Tell your friend about that job opening;like your friends business post on Instagram ( I hear people deliberately withhold likes on social media SMH) or even go one further by commenting and telling them what a good job they are doing, spend a minute praying for your child’s teacher; call your sister and ask how they are; sometimes just listen to someone who wants to get something off their chest; share something you learnt that you think can help others; give (y’all didn’t think I would let you go without asking for some material stuff LOL) Β£5 consistently to that charity you believe is doing good work it’s better than the Β£50 that you hope to give but never get round to; encourage that person who asked you for advice to go for it,even if you don’t think their idea might work in that state don’t just dismiss it ask them to look for ways to tweak their plan rather than just totally dismiss it.

I can’t totally exhaust all the little ways we can be that person but I am sure we all can try in our own little way.

I am aspiring daily to be that person in so many little ways and this season further reminds me of the need. We all can give our lil drops…

Please do share your comments and I would love to hear what other lil ways we can improve the world we live in . Please also share with others the random musings of Oyindamola

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Easter holiday


Photo credits : Pinterest and Oyindamola iPhone gallery

10 thoughts on “Tiny drops…….

      1. Well done Sis, more wisdom for more impactation.
        A really nice piece indeed. God bless you.


    1. My sister well done, I normally read blog but seeing it was you I did something I never done before, I actually read the whole blog. Well done drip drops is the way forward and we all can put a smile on people face the will be great to the world. 😘


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