A lil splash of joy

The last week was a really busy one for me. Work,mummy duties,home duties,wife duties and various other commitments.It felt like such a long time since I had a break despite the fact that I had a few days off work the week before due to half term.

And then on the streets of Instagram ,I kept stumbling on countless pictures of people living it up on vacations in various lovely and exotic locations. And then subconsciously I found myself feeling a bit bleh( bleh is slang for when you just feel not quite there)

I know people say ‘don’t compare your life with those of people you see online ‘ and I am a firm believer of that saying. Anyone who knows me knows would have heard me say it so many times.By my nature I tend not compare myself with others but being stuck in meetings all day compared to being on the beach on a lovely sunny summer day does that to even the best of us . I know people don’t like to admit it but i believe we all get these thoughts.

The busyness and mundane aspects of everyday life can sometimes be overwhelming.We suddenly find ourselves wising away the time waiting for the next holiday, the weekend, the next party,our birthdays, the next spa appointment, when the kids are grown up etc

I did eventually snap out of that self indulgent state in my head.Firstly because I realise that some of the things I listed up there are things that a huge portion of the world don’t have the luxury of. You know how Instagram (social media generally) makes us feel that vacations/experiences /living it up are things that we are all entitled to. Key word here being entitled.

Before I am misunderstood here, I absolutely think vacations/experiences are great. Experiences are actually my thing and I actually think I spend more on experiences than on buying things. I also think travel broadens the mind in such a distinct way. I think the memories you get from experiences stay with you and to me hold more value than anything that I could currently afford.If a person has the means and time to see and travel the world ,I would always urge them to go for it.

My point was more along the lines of recognising the privilege of vacations/certain experiences even being remotely possible.There are millions (dare say I even billions) of people for which it is the farthest thing as they are only just battling for survival. For some people it’s not even physically possible.Even more extreme,some are just trying to keep themselves and their families from being killed as they are living in war/conflict torn areas.

‘You only live once’ is a commonly touted phrase that is only ever used in the heights of having fun e.g. At a party,on vacation,bungee jumping,at a spa or pamper session etc The inference being that life is only ever being lived or enjoyed when one is having fun.

What if we didn’t wait for the Big Bang occasions to find joy? I don’t believe in the happy clappy philosophy that everyday has to be a ‘happy’ one. Some days are not just not that great and that’s ok. It’s impossible to live life on a constant ‘high’.

Life can be messy,hard,boring but I find that it is so much bearable if we go our of our way to look for the lil joys in the mundane.

Here are a few of the lil things(in no particular order) that I find bring me splashes of joy as I go through the mundane parts of life and these will differ for various people;

* Time studying the Bible

* When I get into my bed with freshly changed sheets

* My first sip of tea especially on a cold day

* A walk outside in nature

* Goofy conversations with my children

* Reading a really good book

* Listening & dancing to music (I listen to music everyday)

* Stumbling across something that makes me laugh very hard

This list is in no way exhaustive .I even recognise that some of the things on my list are still even privileges which is why I am grateful that I have the space,time and ability to do them.

I also find that splashes of joy can manifest in so many unexpected ways. And sometimes not even from things that directly affect or happen to me.I find myself being happy when things happen to others and I see progress being made in areas that I am passionate about. A new law being signed, someone who looks like me accomplishing what would have otherwise been impossible , someone defeating an obstacle etc.Joy can also be found outside of ourselves

It is after all what we train our minds to see and how we approach what is in front of us. So my charge for us all as we go about this week, is to not delay our joy. It can be found in and amongst the not so enjoyable aspects of daily life.

As always thank you so much for reading. Please do share your thoughts and also please share this with your friends.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Much love


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  1. Thanks sisπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ


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