Radio is and was my thing.Growing up in Nigeria,I remember falling asleep listening to Cool FM,Rhythm FM as radio was the one medium of entertainment that you could always count on (let’s not go into why). Discovering podcasts on my iPod was such a natural progression as it felt like I got to choose what radio programmes I wanted to listen to with just a tap. Initially it was just sermons and then I discovered that there were so many other educational and entertainment podcasts out there.

If you follow my Instagram page you would notice that I have highlights with podcast recommendations . These are episodes of podcasts that I have listened to and rate highly. I have a lot of podcasts in my library and listen to them on 2 platforms -Apple podcasts and Spotify. There are select ones that I tend to listen to quite regularly and thought to share some of them and why. They are not listed in any particular order as they cover a wide range of topics.

I love this podcast as the discussions & interviews are around some of my favourite subjects which are faith,theology,social justice,politics,inequality and social mobility. It’s always very hard to find platforms that want to discuss all these issues and how they intersect (social justice & faith especially )so I can’t tell you how refreshing it to have discovered this podcast.

This podcast discusses socioeconomic issues from a slightly different slant and perspective. It is a spin-off of the book ‘Freakonomics’ .I love how it challenges you to question to question some of those widely held beliefs that we tend to assume are always right.A particular episode on Parenting was both hilarious and very insightful.

This podcast is such an easy way to listen to Ted Talks. They are bite sized and can last from between 5 to 20 mins. TED talks are ideas driven powerful talks that cover a wide range of topics from science,technology,entertainment,business& global issues.I really love how engaging the speakers are and how they are able to pass across their ideas in ways that are relatable to everyday life. I love it so much that one of my best books last year was ‘Talk like Ted’ by Carmine Gallo. I used to be so terrified of public speaking so watching Ted speakers do it effortlessly is something I really admire.

What makes this even more enjoyable is the fact that I know the host,Olawunmi Brigue in real life. She is such an amazing bible teacher . I love this podcast as she often uses bible stories or bible characters to teach practical life lessons that anyone can apply to their lives.

This podcast by Todd Henry is also another one that is a spin off from a book with the same name (yeah I can see the trend but I am also a book lover LOL). I love this podcast as it shares practical, everyday tips on how to get better especially for people who are in creative spaces/industries. And if you read my blog,We can all be creative you know I think that everyone can be creative.

These two naija Goats(they actually call themselves that LOL) are my friends in my head. Hilarious,serious,insightful, relatable,scripture,proverbs and doses of the awesome naija accent are all the things you get when listening to Jesus & Jollof. I love the vibe and camaraderie that these two exemplify as they defy the stereotype that women (esp black women) can’t work together and be good friends.

Another one by a Nigerian.Yes I am biased lol.Jokes apart though,this podcast by Nigerian rapper Eldee is one that dissect wide range of issues that are so relatable for those of us brought up in Nigeria but now live in the diaspora. He did a series on Cognitive Biases that i absolutely recommend .

This is another regular by Christian blogger, Lisa Hensley. It’s a favourite as it talks about practical day to day issues and topics from the Bible on how we can become better disciples of Jesus Christ. The earlier episodes were co hosted by Phylicia Masonheimer another bible blogger whose core ministry is making theology and bible study attractive for and to women.

The above listed podcasts are in no way the only podcasts that i listen to or recommend. I am trying to make my blog posts shorter, and would need so much space to write about all of them . Maybe I’ll do a ‘Podcasts 2 or 3’ blog post sometime in the future.

As always thank you for reading,please do read share and comment and also recommend any podcasts as I am always curious to listen to new ones.

Have a lovely Tuesday and week everyone.

Much love


Podcast Image credits- Apple podcasts and Spotify

6 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. One of my waking thoughts every Tuesday is your blogπŸ˜€Thank you for sharing and connecting to our hearts.You keep blowing our minds; teaching deep truths, impacting useful knowledge every week. Thank you for the book recommendation “The art of creative thinking ” ,the book isπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. I will check out these recommendations too. Enjoy an amazing week. Till next Tuesday, I will live learning. 😊😍


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